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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I claim a building?

Here are some reasons you may be having trouble claiming your building:

  • You are not listed as an owner of this property.
  • The name you're using does not match our ownership records.
  • The building has already been claimed.

If the building has already been claimed but you believe there is an error, please contact us to let us know what's going on and we'll take a look!

If the building has not yet been claimed but you’re having trouble claiming ownership in the system, try again and we will provisionally let you claim the building.

If you are a renter or tenant, not an owner, you can not claim the building. However, you can contribute data or information about this building by setting up an account with us and 'Follow' the building, which will allow you to track how the building’s carbon balance changes over time.

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What’s the difference between a claimed, draft, and followed building?

Claimed buildings

These are buildings you or your organization own and have been claimed in the Carbon Title Explorer. New buildings that you’ve added and published from “drafts” (i.e. new construction that’s been completed) will also appear here.

Followed buildings

These are buildings which you have chosen to follow from the Carbon Title Explorer. You cannot manage the buildings or update information on them, but you will be able to see a listing of all the buildings you follow and track how the building’s carbon balance changes over time.

Draft buildings

These are new or under-construction buildings that have been added to the Carbon Title platform. They will not be visible on the Carbon Title Explorer until they are published.

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What if someone else has claimed my building?

If someone else has claimed your building, please reach out to Carbon Title support. Our team will investigate and transfer the building to you on our platform upon verification of ownership.

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What does it mean that I was able to make a “temporary claim” on my building?

We verify all building ownership claims against public records. If we are not able to verify your ownership of the building, we will let you provisionally claim the building and add it to your portfolio. If this happens, you may still contribute data or manage the building as with any building you claim.

However, data updates to any temporarily claimed buildings are themselves contingent on independent verification by Carbon Title. The Carbon Title team may reach out to you requesting additional information to update our records and resolve the issue.

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Why should I claim my building on Carbon Title Explorer?

When you claim your building, you confirm details which allow us to express the building’s CO2 emissions as a number instead of a range. It also gives you the opportunity to share additional information about the building to further increase accuracy.

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Why can’t I find my apartment on the map?

Carbon Title Explorer uses public ownership data for buildings. As a result, condominiums in a single building will typically show up as separate addresses, each with its own carbon title and emissions data.  

However, we aren’t able to provide this granularity for apartments, co-ops or TICs. These buildings will have a single carbon title and emissions data for the entire building, not individual units. This is due to the nature of publicly available ownership information.

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