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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I manage the emissions of all of my properties or building projects?

If you are a developer, contractor, architect, engineer, commercial tenant, local government, or low-carbon materials supplier, please schedule time with one of our carbon experts to learn more about our enterprise platform.

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What if I own multiple properties and want to see them all together?

You can claim one building for free on Carbon Title Explorer. If you have additional buildings, you will need to upgrade to a premium account where you can claim multiple buildings and view them all within the same account.

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When do updates I’ve made show up on the public map?

After you’ve claimed a building, you’ll be able to edit its details in the Carbon Title Manager, and have the option to “save” your changes (in which case they will stay private to you) or “publish” them, at which point they will show up on the map and be written to the blockchain.

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When does my building or changes I’ve made get written to the blockchain?

We write a building to the blockchain when the owner claims the building on Carbon Title Explorer. We also update the blockchain record for that building when you make changes to the building data and publish those changes. Until you elect to publish changes to Carbon Title Explorer, any changes you make to the building’s data remain off the blockchain and private to you.

We do not record any data on “draft” buildings (typically buildings in the planning or construction phases) to the blockchain. The data remains private and limited to you until the time you choose to “publish” the building. At this point, we will write the data to the blockchain and the building and any published changes will show up on the map.

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How can I apply a carbon offset to my building?

Once you claim your building and set up an account with Carbon Title, you will be able to purchase several high-quality carbon credits within the platform. Once you purchase credits, you can apply them to any building in your portfolio as an offset, thus reducing the carbon balance of that building.

If you have credits you have purchased elsewhere, please contact us to get them added to your building.

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How can I purchase high-quality carbon credits to offset my emissions?

Carbon Title has a group of vetted, high-quality carbon credits you can purchase within the platform to offset your emissions. You can access these after you have claimed a building and created an account.

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What’s the difference between a claimed, draft, and followed building?

Claimed buildings

These are buildings you or your organization own and have been claimed in the Carbon Title Explorer. New buildings that you’ve added and published from “drafts” (i.e. new construction that’s been completed) will also appear here.

Followed buildings

These are buildings which you have chosen to follow from the Carbon Title Explorer. You cannot manage the buildings or update information on them, but you will be able to see a listing of all the buildings you follow and track how the building’s carbon balance changes over time.

Draft buildings

These are new or under-construction buildings that have been added to the Carbon Title platform. They will not be visible on the Carbon Title Explorer until they are published.

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What happens if I sell my property?

In the event of a legal sale of the property, you’ll be able to transfer the building’s carbon title. Contact us to initiate an ownership change.

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