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Grow demand for low-carbon materials.

Carbon Title Explorer showcases low-carbon buildings and how they got there. Follow the buildings that have used your materials to show prospective customers the impact of your portfolio. 
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Normalize green building materials.

Anyone can use Carbon Title Explorer to see the green materials in use around them. With greater transparency, we’re building trust that these materials are durable, strong, and make real progress.

"Carbon Title Explorer helps members of the CRE value chain quantify the embodied carbon of its existing concrete, and accelerate the industry's total decarbonization. Working together, we can prevent up to 10% of total global CO2 emissions."

- Cindy McLaughlin, Head of Product at CarbonBuilt

Increase the value of green materials.

As more companies prioritize sustainability, the demand for green building materials is only going to increase. With Carbon Title's carbon credit market, you can further monetize your low-carbon products, generating more revenue and increasing the value of these materials in the market.

Ready to manage the carbon across your portfolio of buildings and share their carbon journeys?


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