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Green buildings are good for the environment and the bottom line.

Enjoy 9.5% Higher
Occupancy Rates

8%+ Sales Premium

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Save 25%
on Energy Use

Carbon Title Explorer


Find and track buildings you care about.

Claim buildings you own or follow projects you’ve worked on, are considering investing in, or are simply curious about. Get an immediate understanding of how your properties stack up.
Launch Carbon Title Explorer

Tell your building’s carbon journey.

A carbon title is like a building’s nutrition label. It shows a snapshot of its carbon footprint and the factors that add to or reduce its emissions. Meet your climate goals and increase the value of your building by easily sharing with potential tenants and stakeholders how you’re reducing carbon emissions—no certification required.

How are the carbon emissions calculated?

Carbon Title aggregates a variety of high-quality data sources and input from property owners to estimate each structure’s carbon footprint. We use the c.scale data model, which is widely used by emissions reduction researchers. Owners can provide more details about the structure, operation, and carbon reduction measures already taken to further refine the calculation.
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Ready to manage the carbon across your portfolio of buildings and share their carbon journeys?


Carbon Title Manager


Manage your portfolio’s carbon emissions in one place.

Provide additional data or an LCA to further refine our emissions calculations. Record carbon reduction actions you’ve taken such as electrifying, reducing energy, adding renewables, or using low-carbon materials (coming soon). Determine what data gets published to Carbon Title Explorer to be shared publicly.
Launch Carbon Title Explorer

Create plans to reduce your portfolio’s carbon footprint.

Understand the impact of energy efficient and low-carbon materials on your construction pipeline. View emissions rollups and benchmarks and easily report on your entire portfolio to stakeholders and investors (coming soon).
Take Action

Take action to reduce your building’s carbon footprint.

Set net zero goals for your portfolio and track progress. Purchase and apply carbon credits or other offsets where you can’t reduce emissions.

Trusted by the best in real estate

Radical transparency, enabled by blockchain.

How are we able to provide the single source of truth for building emissions with a public database? We put the information on blockchain, which makes it transparent, verifiable, traceable, and immutable. Both of our blockchain partners—XRPL and Celo—are carbon neutral, ensuring that we don’t further exacerbate climate change.

Every building record and carbon credit is stored as separate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) containing key information about emissions and the building’s carbon balance.

This public record makes third-party verification of the data easy and enables us to lock carbon credits to the building to prevent double-counting and greenwashing. Climate change is a public problem, and we believe the data should be public as well.

Ready to manage the carbon across your portfolio of buildings and share their carbon journeys?


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