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Whether investing in the future of low-carbon construction materials or nature-based carbon removals, you’ll find only the highest-quality credits to offset the emissions you can’t reduce.

Invest in the
Supply Chain.

Stop hoping your supply chain will change in time to meet your goal. To accelerate the availability of low-carbon materials, Carbon Title offers insets from innovative companies providing solutions to drastically reduce carbon in concrete and steel.

Project Spotlight

CarbonBuilt Ultra-low-carbon Concrete
CarbonBuilt’s XPRIZE-winning carbon storage technology permanently removes CO2 from the atmosphere while significantly reducing the footprint of concrete masonry units. By reducing its embodied carbon by 70-100+%, they turn concrete from one of the biggest emitters into a carbon sink.
Low-carbon materials

Built for simplicity,
transparency & trust.

We do not believe that carbon credits are fungible commodities. Each one varies in type and quality and tells a unique story.

Our NFT and blockchain technology ensures you can trace your credits back to their origin and that the same one can never be sold to multiple buyers. It also lets you easily point to the scientific methodologies employed in calculating the amount of carbon sequestered.

Credibility is everything. We believe transparency and accountability are critical to the way you tell your story to equity partners, government officials, tenants, and other stakeholders. 

Why carbon removals?

The UN 1.5 degrees Celsius warming target will require a significant amount of negative emissions through carbon removal and sequestration projects. It's too late to get there simply by reducing emissions.  

Humans created this problem, and it’s up to us to find a solution. Our high-quality credits come from projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere that wouldn’t otherwise have been removed through a variety of scientifically verifiable means. 

When you purchase credits through our platform, you can be confident the partners are vetted according to strict project criteria.
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Global Carbon Emissions Per Year Chart

Project Spotlight

Henry Creek Reforestration
This project is the first phase of a 1000+ acre reforestation effort across Henry Creek that aims to plant over 200,000 trees by 2022 utilizing heavy-lift drones that deploy proprietary seed pucks faster than a human tree planter.
Molalla, OR, USA

How do we vet carbon credits & insets?

Carbon Title follows principles developed by some of the leading companies tackling climate change. Our carbon credits must meet the following criteria.
It is clear where all of our carbon credits & insets come from. Our members can trace our credits back to the project source and understand if they have ever been previously sold.
Clarity around durability
Our partners have to prove how long they'll be storing removed carbon and verify how they'll mitigate any leakages of stored carbon that may occur over that period.
Science-based & third-party verified
All of our carbon credits & insets are verified and audited by third parties to ensure they are following a scientifically-rigorous protocol and accurately representing the amount of carbon they are removing and storing.
Our carbon credit providers must measure their projects against a baseline of what would have occurred naturally without the revenue from carbon credit sales. They only issue carbon credits for the additional removal and sequestration occurring above the baseline.

Ready to manage the carbon across your portfolio of buildings and share their carbon journeys?


Are you a carbon credit creator?

Carbon Title partners with select carbon credit creators who meet our rigorous qualification criteria. Expand your revenue and accelerate your work by selling high-quality credits to our membership in a radically transparent new way.
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