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How can I apply a carbon offset to my building?

Once you claim your building and set up an account with Carbon Title, you will be able to purchase several high-quality carbon credits within the platform. Once you purchase credits, you can apply them to any building in your portfolio as an offset, thus reducing the carbon balance of that building.

If you have credits you have purchased elsewhere, please contact us to get them added to your building.

You can commit carbon credits purchased through Carbon Title to any buildings you've claimed to offset its emissions. Log into your account in Carbon Title Manager and click "Offset" in the top menu to get started.

How to Offset a Building's Emissions

  1. Select a building by clicking on its name.
  2. In the “Add Credits” section, select the project and amount of credits you wish to apply to the building's embodied or operational emissions. If you wish to commit credits from multiple carbon projects use the "Add Another Credit" button.
  3. Repeat to apply credits to other buildings. You will only be able to commit as many credits as are shown in the available credit area.
  4. Commit the applied credits to the building(s) via the "Commit" button in the upper right hand corner.

Note that once credits are committed to a building, this cannot be undone - the NFTs for the building and the credits are irrevocably associated on the blockchain as a permanent offset. The offset will be documented publicly on the building's carbon title, lowering its carbon balance.