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A sustainable future requires innovation now

Real estate sits at the forefront of the decarbonization challenge. Fully 10%+ of global greenhouse gasses comes from building construction. An additional 28% of emissions comes from lighting, heating, and cooling buildings.1

The time to decarbonize the real estate industry is now. Yet, current solutions are costly and lack transparency, traceability, and accountability. That’s where Carbon Title comes in.

Meet the real estate industry’s first decarbonization platform

We can't stop building homes, schools, or hospitals, but we can do this work more responsibly.

Carbon Title is a simple, transparent, cost-effective way to neutralize your buildings’ climate impact. Our platform empowers building owners, developers, and contractors to easily understand a building’s CO2 emissions over time, purchase high-quality carbon credits, and apply carbon credits to achieve verifiable carbon neutrality.  

We do this with radical transparency, using the blockchain to verify carbon neutrality claims and enforce traceability. No greenwashing, ever.
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Carbon neutrality is good for business
Carbon neutrality is a rare win-win for the real estate industry and the planet. You can indeed make money while investing in a more sustainable future.
Ask for higher rents

Tenants care about climate change — so much so that they’re willing to pay more for carbon neutrality. Many of our members are able to command higher rents in carbon-neutral buildings.

Better access to equity

More than 273 of the world's largest asset managers, representing $63.1 trillion in assets, have committed to achieving net-zero alignment. Ignoring a building's carbon impact is no longer an option for many capital partners.

Easier entitlements

More and more municipalities are formally and informally considering carbon impact in their decision-making.

Achievable path to neutrality

Reach carbon neutrality for as little as pennies per square foot — costs which many members pass through to tenants.

Win more business

More than 21% of the world's 2,000 largest companies* have pledged to go carbon neutral. To achieve this goal, the buildings they lease and own must also be carbon neutral.
*Oxford University and Energy Climate Intelligence Unit study

Provide a differentiated service

Use our platform to offer carbon calculation and management as a service to clients passing the cost through as a line item or marking it up.

Easier entitlements

More and more municipalities are formally and informally considering carbon impact in their decision-making processes. Speed up your project timelines by proactively addressing their concerns.

Make credible ESG claims

Back up your ESG claims with transparent, verifiable data that will stand up to scrutiny.

Deliver on net zero goals

Neutralizing your buildings' carbon emissions is required to achieve carbon neutrality.

Impress stakeholders

Oxford University found that nearly 70% of people globally think climate change is an "extremely or very serious problem," and 80% of people are willing to change their lifestyle to reduce its effects. Your investors, tenants, and partners will thank you.

Achievable path to neutrality

You can obtain carbon neutrality for as little as pennies per square foot, with potentially significant rewards.

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