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How It Works

Know your impact. Shrink your footprint. Prove your ESG claims. All this in one streamlined platform. 

Our platform enables property owners, contractors, and developers to reach their carbon-neutral goals by marrying intuitive design with blockchain technology. Here’s how we bring transparency and verifiability to carbon emissions and carbon credit purchases.

Know where you stand

Every building has a different footprint. Use our platform to understand the carbon impact of individual buildings and across your entire portfolio. Set carbon-neutral goals and track progress for both existing structures and future development. Do it all accurately with our simple, intuitive tools.
Calculate your carbon impact
Use our easy calculator tool—developed in conjunction with third-party experts—to estimate the embodied and operational carbon of individual buildings. Or, simply upload an existing LCA or carbon calculation. The more data you provide, the more accurate the carbon calculation.
Make informed decisions — no consultants needed
Set goals for individual buildings and your portfolio. Understand the financial impacts of reaching those goals and create a real-world plan to achieve carbon neutrality.
Assess sustainable building options
Understand the financial impacts of switching the building's construction type, incorporating lower-carbon building materials, or installing solar panels or other renewable energy sources. Make your choices in an informed way, then purchase high-quality carbon credits to close the gaps and get to net zero.
Monitor and track your progress
Monitor your buildings’ ongoing carbon emissions (from operating the building and renovations) and add those emissions into your goals.

Invest in the future

Our platform makes it easy to offset your impact. Purchase high-quality carbon credits and manage them transparently with smart contracts and NFTs.
Secured by the blockchain
Secure carbon credits for each asset with a public, verifiable blockchain record. We hold your carbon credits in a secure wallet until you are ready to allocate them to a particular building to market your building as carbon neutral.
Vetted credit partners
All of the carbon credits available on our platform meet our strict criteria so you know exactly what you're buying and the purchases will stand up to scrutiny.

Decarbonize with confidence

Publicly declare and prove carbon emissions and tell the lower-carbon story of your real estate portfolio.
Permanently commit credits
Determine what mix of carbon credits you want to apply to each building to achieve carbon neutrality. Once credits are committed, they are permanently "locked" to the building and recorded on the blockchain, making it easy for anyone to understand and verify your carbon claims.
Make credible carbon-neutral claims
No more greenwashing: our NFT and blockchain technology verify your carbon neutrality claims and trace the origin of your specific carbon credits, bringing transparency and trust to the process.
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Transparent, verifiable and traceable

Greenwashing: it’s when a company makes misleading claims about its sustainability, implying it’s more environmentally-friendly than it really is. Greenwashing damages your reputation, the entire real estate market, and the environment. It also leaves you vulnerable to risk as governments increase scrutiny of ESG disclosures.

We’ve adopted blockchain technology to enforce transparent, verifiable, and traceable decarbonization.
Building emissions
The carbon that is emitted during construction (embodied carbon) and the carbon needed to light, heat, and cool the building (operational carbon) are recorded on the blockchain — creating a permanent record for each particular building.
Building NFT
Your building data is stored as a non-fungible token (NFT) containing key information making it easy to benchmark your progress, differentiate your building from competitors, and easily transfer NFT ownership if you sell the building.
Smart contracts
Smart contracts associate the carbon credits purchased with a particular building, creating an everlasting record of your building's carbon story.
Credit NFTs
Carbon credits are unique, not fungible commodities. Our NFTs contain all the information about the carbon credits you purchase. These NFTs ensure that credits haven’t been sold to multiple buyers, allowing you to trace the credits back to the source and tell your unique carbon story.