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About Us


To construct
carbon-free buildings 

Embodied Carbon, the emissions from building materials and construction, are responsible for roughly 11% of annual global GHG emissions, making construction’s emissions roughly 3x that of aviation. 

We must keep building, but we must do so without emitting carbon. Fortunately, there are new materials being developed that emit significantly less carbon. However, these materials need to be scaled more quickly.

Carbon Title is focused on financing the availability of these materials so that we can hit our carbon commitments in the future.

By expanding access to low-carbon materials, we've started the journey to a carbon-free supply chain and a future where all buildings are carbon-free.

We envision a future where:

Carbon neutral is not the goal, carbon zero is.
The real estate community partners with the supply chain to invest in decarbonization.  
Ultra-low carbon materials are price-competitive with gray materials. 
There are no “green” buildings because all buildings are carbon-free. 
We are here to help make this future a reality.

Our Leadership

Carbon Title was founded in 2021 by Trevor Dryer and Miles Haladay. They were two friends obsessed with creating an exciting, high-growth company to address one of the biggest issues of our time. Miles’ long career in the construction software business combined with Trevor’s entrepreneurial fintech background served as the perfect mix of perspectives to create the world’s first building decarbonization platform.

Our Guiding Principles

These guiding principles help us make thoughtful decisions and serve our partners better in going carbon neutral as we grow our platform.

Create trust with

Radical Transparency

Radical transparency is the only way to build trust with your tenants, clients, financing partners, regulators, and community. Every ton of carbon needs to be accounted for. All emissions need to be recorded and shared transparently. Change won’t be linear, but we’re committed to sharing the highs and lows along the way as we work toward our BIG goal.

Make it


Our job is to make it as simple as possible for builders, developers, and contractors to lower their carbon impact. We’ll achieve this with an intuitive user interface that helps builders understand how to make carbon-neutral choices, navigate the carbon credit ecosystem, weigh tradeoffs, and build in the real world with an eye toward a sustainable future.

Inspire through


Leadership has the power to motivate others to take action. We understand the value in sharing milestones, being transparent, and making sustainability more accessible. And, we’re here to help you build a sustainability narrative that resonates with your brand, works within your budget, and ensures accountability.



It will, literally, take a village to lower our environmental impact. We’re here to help bring that village together behind one concerted effort. We aim to connect groups and leaders in the industry to share best practices, ideas, and accomplishments.